• Alarms & CCTV We have the experience to protect your property against theft, fire and vandalism.

Alarm Features

  • Wired or wireless systems. Whichever works best for you.
  • "Call me/Text me". You know the moment there's a breach.
  • Professional install. Alarms are only as good as the installer.
  • Sensible pricing.  We can work to your budget.
  • Annual maintenance option. For extra peace of mind.
  • Various entry options. Our systems are flexible and can grow.

About Our Alarms

The right alarm for your needs.

You may need a straightforward intruder alarm. Or perhaps you'd like fire/smoke alarm protection too. Some want "bells only", but maybe you would prefer the alarm to call or text you when there is an alarm incident. Whatever your requirements, we can help.

Quality systems.

We use Risco and Texacom systems - leaders in the field.


From one camera to an integrated system.

Nothing deters antisocial behaviour like a well planned Closed Circuit TV system, and we have the skills to put together a reliable and effective infrastructure, whatever the environment.

Modern systems can be internet-based, allowing you to view the results form each camera remotely - wherever you may be.  We'd love to tell you more about the possibilities, so please let us know if you have any questions.



The first step is to really understand the risks.

We'll need to discuss with you the risks to the property concerned. This will usually require a site visit and allows us to tailor a quote specifically for your job.

Along the way, we will cover any options available to you, and we might also make some additional suggestions or recommendations, based on our experience.



Look after your alarm, so it can look after you.

It's important to have any alarm maintained regularly, to ensure that it continues to protect you and your property. We offer a range of maintenance options to suit you.  Ask us for more info.